About Us

Who we are

Luna Crates is an authorized dealer of Aykasa products. Aykasa is a brand known for producing foldable and stackable storage crates and containers.

Our Products

We offer high-quality storage for small spaces in the form of collapsible plastic crates. These foldable crates can easily be stacked above one another, and used in various positions; vertical or horizontal, or sideways. We also feature mini bags in the form of plastic tote bags. our products are available in a wide variety of color options.
As an environmentally conscious organization, we use eco-friendly plastic materials that are completely recyclable. Our products are made from the same raw material that is used in manufacturing baby bottles, which means they are perfectly safe to be used in any part of the house and for the entire family.

3) I prefer Luna Crates because;
Wonderful Luna Chests give your home both a tidy and aesthetically pleasing look.