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Stylish collapsible and stackable storage crates make organizing fun! Use them to store children's toys, crafts, accessories and clothing. Made from recyclable plastic, it is sturdy and versatile. The PP plastic designs are also food-safe and ideal for storing baby's sterilized pacifiers, feeding bottles or teething toys.
These stackable crates are transforming living spaces. Toys no longer have to be stored in bulky storage boxes.
You can use them to organize your living spaces, classrooms, game rooms, kitchens or bathrooms. They are great home décor items that might double as storage bins. 
Midi storage cases are only 3cm tall when folded and can be easily stacked and stored until needed. The color options created in modern colors allow you to organize your storage space according to your interior and honestly, it's FUN!
Brights, rainbows, soft tones... We have a wide range of colours.